Modi Lipi Cursive

Modi Lipi is hard to recognize, because it is written in cursive manner. Cursive means writing the letters jointly or connected to each other. So the Modi Script becomes unique as per who is writing. The letters are connected to each other in such manner, that it creates the confusion in the reader's mind. It was a easy job for the old people because they were possessing the skills to recognize them. But today, we as beginners, and trying to save this ancient script, are nearly incapable to understand what our ancestors have written in Modi Lipi.

Learning Modi Lipi, is not for the purpose of writing it, but it is for the understanding what our ancestors have written. The common problem for even the well versed Modi Lipi expert is to understand the cursive Modi Lipi documents.

On this post we will be showing some documents which are written in cursive Modi Lipi Script. A little wait is expected!!

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